I have been working out at Premier Personal Training since it opened. They are a great group of people and they truly care about their clients. I have had three children and worked out through each pregnancy and it really made getting back into shape easier. The staff will work with you at whatever level you are capable and help you get to the next. For instance, I changed my eating habits and took up cycling and Keith was very instrumental in getting me started and encouraged me to keep going. I have nothing but positive things to say about Premier Personal Training and highly recommend them to anyone interested in working with a trainer. Heather D.
I have been training with Keith Williams for over 9 years.  As my health profiles substantiate, I am more physically fit at 64 than I was at 34.  I only wish I would have started this process earlier. The one-on-one training provides the discipline necessary for success in your exercise regimen.  The comraderie achieved through your association with other people meeting at the same times each week provides enjoyment as well as personal accountability. I highly recommend Premier Personal Training's staff, who not only possess exceptional knowledge and credentials, but their personal characters are second to none.  They all maintain a caring attitude with everyone and make the time spent a most enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Stan I.
At the age of 80 I qualify as a Senior Citizen at Premier Personal Training.  So, I want to get my recommendation to all of the "so called" elderly in the Greenville area:  LISTEN UP! I didn't start in personal training until five years ago and I know now just how much I needed it back then.  You do, too!  You will be so blessed if you begin a program soon.  Think about the things I was ignoring.  We don't recognize our need for improvement in strength (lifting), balance (walking), a steady gait (movements) and reaction (driving). Well, I can assure you that if you enter my program for slowing down the negatives of aging, you will be more that happy with your choice of Premier Personal Training.   Alan C.
Losing weight is not easy…or should I say not easy for me. Last fall I found myself with some digestive concerns that I knew were related to my weight and overall health. By then I knew it was time to face realty and thankfully my team of professionals at Premier Personal Training were knowledgeable and prepared to respond to my call for guidance and support. Jared had been training me and my friend Marie C. for a year and was always putting a bug in our ear about the importance of nutrition, natural foods, and how it all plays into our digestion and good health. Next thing I know Premier started a 21 Day Challenge Program which not only got me started, but many of my friends who are clients participated as well! What a support group! During the Challenge I lost 4.8 lbs. I immediately went into coaching from Jared and have lost another 10 lbs as of 4/2/2013 which earned me the honor of “Client of the Month”. I am proud of this recognition but could not have achieved my success without Jared, Mark, Keith and Barbara.  It’s not over for me. I have given myself a year to find the best and healthiest me. Thanks Premier, I hope you all will be seeing less of me soon.   Denise R
have been working with Keith and Premier since their beginning. I am a firm believer that we all need a consistent program of strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises, especially as we grow older. I realized a long time ago that I could not be consistent on my own and that I needed someone to encourage me and introduce me to the things that would help me with my goals. My goals are built around my desire to be as fit as possible and to play golf well. With Keith’s help I have been able to gain flexibility and strength all built around my golf swing. You never realize the impact of what a good fitness program can do for you until you are tested. I had total knee replacement surgery on Jan. 28th of this year. Weeks before the surgery I began, with Keith, pre-operation exercises to strengthen certain parts my body, especially my legs. Three weeks after my surgery I was back at Premier, with Keith, working out again. My goal was to be playing golf in six to seven weeks after surgery. With Keith’s help, and sometimes hard and painful encouragement, I meet those goals. Ten weeks after surgery I was at about 90% of where I was before my surgery. I want to thank Keith for his help in helping reduce my recovery time and getting me back on the golf course in record time. For those of you considering a trainer to help encourage and motivate you to do more than you think you can, I highly recommend Premier Personal Training.   Ryan H.
What an extraordinary experience the past six months with Premier Training has been!!  The entire staff (Mark, Keith, Jared and Barbara) have been friendly, supportive and professional. I was especially impressed with my personal trainer, Jared.  While my original goal was only to lose a few pounds, he consistently challenged and motivated me to improve my diet, reduce my pulse rate, lower my cholesterol level and improve my flexibility, balance and body strength.  At 61, I feel better than I have in 20 years - both physically and mentally.  Thank you, Jared!! Based on my experience, I highly recommend the Premier Training staff and their programs.   Chris P.
Premier Physical Therapy and Personal Training's (PPT) team has been amazing at helping me deal with and overcome a number of age-related issues, resulting in me being stronger, more flexible, and healthier than I was twenty years ago when we moved to Greenville. Golf improvement was (and still is) the main reason I began working with PPT twelve years ago. Keith Williams, a Titleist Performance Institute-certified trainer at PPT, measured my flexibility in motions that relate to the golf swing and has used that baseline to track my progress. The measurement is translated into a “physical condition handicap" as in golf, and as my physical handicap has lowered, so has my on-course handicap. I incurred a number of golf-related injuries over the years, which were solved by Mark and Patrick’s recommended exercises, and Keith’s modifications to my workout programs. For example, my right shoulder began aching with a shooting pain during and after golf. Mark set me up with a series of three exercises that not only eliminated the pain, but also increased my shoulder movement of both shoulders. In addition to working through injuries, I slowly gained weight during these years of working out. I attributed it to a combination of weightlifting and age, but Keith encouraged me to fundamentally change my eating habits to see what might happen. I lost 23 pounds in just seven weeks. At 58, I now can walk 18 holes again carrying my golf bag like I did when I was a young guy! A final thought: the Premier Personal Training team - all of them - truly care about us, are fun to be around, and seem to always be looking for "tweaks" to make our bodies and our lives better.   Todd M
At the time that I started working with Premier, I was not in any exercise routine.  I needed the consistency of a routine as well as the accountability of an appointment with a trainer to put my fitness routine at a priority in my day.  My goals when I started were to feel more fit, stronger and more toned.  I would say to a friend that getting started is the hardest part!  The guys at Premier will help you to get started with a manageable routine that can energize you and make you stronger!  The atmosphere and people at Premier are encouraging and will help you to see results in a short time for all of your hard work.   Collette K.

This past November, I started a journey to get my body back in shape.  My goal was not to lose a lot of weight fast, but to achieve moderate weight loss by making changes in my physical activity and diet.  I started working out with Keith for 30 minutes twice a week, along with extra workout time at the YMCA.  Keith helped me not only with encouragement during workouts but also offered nutritional advice.  I have lost 20 pounds by making changes to a healthier diet and added a daily workout routine.  I feel great, have a better outlook on life, and have developed a solid daily workout routine.  This would not have been possible without the patience, and encouragement of Keith and the entire Premier team.

I would highly recommend Premier to anyone considering personal training

Rob R.

I'm 54 years old and suffered from chronic back pain for more than 10 years and more recently diffuse body aches and pain that left me feeling like I was never going to be able to do the things I once enjoyed.  I had stiffness and body pain and it was very painful for me to bend forward at the waist, move throughout the day, get up from a sitting position and get out of bed in the mornings.  My physician had prescribed muscle relaxer and non-steroidal for the pain and they provided improvement for about 2 weeks but the pain returned.  I was starting to feel depressed at the prospect of living with pain in the foreseeable future and he recommended a trial of physical therapy.  I started physical therapy motivated and with hopes of getting better, but I also had some reservations as to what could be done after such a long time with chronic pain all over.  Well, I met Mark Murphy and his staff, he listened to how I was feeling and ascertained just how "out of shape" I was, and what my limitations were in terms of physical activity and body stiffness.  We started on a course of trunk, hips and core building exercises, stretching and flexibility movements and my favorite: end of workout massages.  After about 2-3 weeks of working with Mark and the prescribed exercises under his supervision, as well as at home, I began to feel like a "new man".  My spirits were high; I felt I had regained a new outlook on my future to be able to move around more freely and the best part, significantly improved back and hip pain.  I felt stronger, I became more flexible, I was able to twist at the waist, bend forward and almost put my palms on the floor.  Another added side benefit-I was able to lose 10 pounds.  Thank you Mark for your professionalism and a brighter future!!
Adrian C.
I was referred to Mark by my rheumatologist since I was having trouble moving both shoulders. On my first visit and consultation, Mark verified my doctor's opinion that I had strained both rotator cuffs.  Mark asked me many questions and really got a handle on the trouble right away.  We then started a series of sessions helping me to get relief from my pain and increase my mobility.  Mark is always friendly and is truly concerned bout my progress in my treatment.  I am leaving his care today pain free and have increased my mobility tremendously.  Mission accomplished! I would highly recommend Premier to anyone that need physical therapy.  They are all awesome, from Barbara at the front desk to every aspect of their facility.
Bill M.
I came to Premier with severe lower back pain.  I had hurt my back while exercising and could barely stand up straight or lift anything without pain.  After my first session with Patrick, I noticed a difference.  He gave me certain exercises to do, applied heat and did certain manipulations that ultimately reduced my pain with each session.  A few weeks later my pain was gone and I feel stronger than I had before.  Premier helped treat the problem and not the symptoms.  It was a fantastic experience.
Kris C.
I saw Mark back in 2004 for lower back pain. He helped me to "work smarter, not harder" and with his help I saw results quickly and was able to do more activities while reducing the discomfort. 10 years later, I still use what he taught me on almost a daily basis. I will be forever grateful to Mark and would highly recommend him and his associates!
P. S.
Patrick is an amazing therapist.  I came to Premier because I had a fall at work, injuring my ankle, knees, hip and shoulder.  Within a few weeks, he had my shoulder and ankle so much better.  The bursitis in my hip was problematic, but he patiently worked with me and my doctor to relieve the pain and build my strength.  Patrick taught me how to walk correctly!  I am very pleased with my experience at Premier.  Everyone is so friendly, kind and caring.  I am recommending them to everyone!
Dena W.
I have been very pleased with the results of my physical therapy at Premier.  I can work and stretch with out pain and have much more range of motion without pain.  I would recommend them highly to any needing physical therapy.
Phillip S.
I came in to Premier Physical Therapy after having visited another PT group in town.  I did not have very good results in the beginning, but after visiting Premier for several months, my condition really started to improve.  They used several different techniques together - not just one.  They seem to be well versed in what they do and I am very pleased with my results.
Jim D.
When thinking about my Premier experience, the thing that jumps out is what happened the first day.  Patrick asked me to lie down on the table in his therapy room.  Tears immediately welled up in my eyes as I said "I can't!!"  He assured me that he was going to teach me.  Very tentatively I put my trust in his and he taught me to get up with no pain!  I remember thinking if this is all I get out of my experience here it is well worth it, but of course I totally improved --my back has returned to normal!
Joanne R.
I came to Premier Physical Therapy after a car accident, which resulted in back and neck pain.  Thanks to Patrick, after a month and a half I feel much better.  As a paint associate I am required to lift gallons and gallons of paint all day, now I can return to work feeling 100%.  Once again, than you Patrick and your wonderful staff.  Also thanks Barbara for always having a smiling face.  You guys ROCK!!
Kendra G.
When I started going to Premier Physical Therapy, I was suffering from lower back pain and numbness in my right hip.  After assessing my situation, Mark developed a strategy of massage therapy to ease tension areas as well as exercises to strengthen weak muscles.  Improvement was gradual and  consistent.  As I improved, I was given different exercises to strengthen other areas.  Thank to Mark, I am free of pain.  Also, I have an exercise regimen to maintain my health.  I highly recommend Mark and Premier Physical Therapy.
Alex H.
I was very satisfied with the treatment I received at Premier Physical Therapy.  They were friendly, sincere and concerned with my problem.  Mark treated me as someone he was interested in helping.  I would recommend Premier to anyone needing therapy.
Margaret B.
When I came to Premier in February, I was in severe pain with torn tissues in my foot.  After a few sessions with Patrick, I could feel so much relief.  He explained each and every treatment, and made me feel at ease.  I pain I suffered is gone and I don't have to limit my activities.  I'd like to than him for his compassion, patient and understanding.  And, as a dancer, I feel I can continue and not feel the pain I had when I first entered Premier Physical Therapy.  Thank you so much!
Arlene D.
When I first started Premier Physical Therapy, I didn't know what to expect.  I have been through physical therapy with several other places with no success.  From my first visit, I could feel a difference in my neck I had never experienced before.  Patrick and the whole staff go above and beyond.  At this point I am able to drive with out pain and experience fun with my children without pain.  All this was because of taking a shot with Premier.
T. G.
Mark is a true professional, very knowledgeable, very outgoing  and very uplifting person.  Even his "stretching" me was done in a gentle manner!! The staff was also very helpful.  I would recommend Premier Physical Therapy to anyone.
J. S.
After surgery for two meniscus tears, I was having trouble getting back in shape.  My main problems was going down hills and stairs along with balance.  It's amazing what all can get out of whack from favoring your good side.  We live at Lake Hartwell and there are lots of steps going down to the lake.  I wasn't about to miss all the fun with our 8 grandchildren so I called my son, who lives in Greenville, for some recommendations.  He didn't miss a beat recommending Mark.  He said "If you listen Mark and do the exercises he gives you, you will be as good as new."  Well, he was exactly right and I am about 98% towards reaching my goal.  I can't say enough good things about Mark and his staff.  From the minute you walk in, you are welcomed like old friends.  What a godsend he is.  Mark is professional and friendly, working with you throughout the entire session making sure the exercises are done correctly.  The success I've had with my knee is all due to Mark's expertise.  He deserves all of the accolades he receives and is well worth my bi-weekly trips from Anderson.  I wouldn't have it any other way.
H. T.
[vc_row fullwidth="" textcolor="default" bgtype="default" parallax="" bg_video_src_mp4="" bg_video_src_ogg="" bg_video_src_webm=""][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] I came to Premier Therapy after two back surgeries. I had significant pain and was very discouraged and down and out from suffering five months of unrelenting pain and inability to perform even small chores. I am leaving this morning with a sunny attitude that is so improved. I can now get a delicious meal prepared and walk without pain. In short, my social and physical live is VASTLY improved! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
M. N.
[vc_row fullwidth="" textcolor="default" bgtype="default" parallax="" bg_video_src_mp4="" bg_video_src_ogg="" bg_video_src_webm=""][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text] Several months ago I developed severe pain in my left hip.  My arthritis doctor said it was bursitis and she didn't want to continue with cortisone shots.  She decided I needed physical therapy to get me on track and into the habit of exercising.  After a little over two months I was pain free and released from therapy.  If it wasn't for the highly trained staff at Premier I probably wouldn't be able to walk without severe difficulty.  I highly recommend Premier Physical Therapy to anyone with severe pain caused by bursitis.  Thanks Premier Physical Therapy for helping me cope with my daily activities again. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
M. D.

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